Episode 8.10 (season 8, episode 11) is the third to the last episode of Magnum PI ever.  It’s called Legend Of The Lost Art, and it a HUGE spoof on Raiders Of The Lost Ark.   It’s not outright comedy, but the tongue was firmly in cheek when they wrote it.  The Lost Art is in an ark, so they keep referring to the lost ark, and someone will always say "don’t you mean art?".  The Bad Guy is a movie writer, and sets everything up like in his movies, so the Good Guys stay one step ahead by "remembering The Movie".  They really did an excellent job with little things making it seem VERY much like The Movie.

Why is this interesting?  Because Tom Selleck was slated to be Indiana Jones, but couldn’t because of his commitment to… wait for it… Magnum PI.  So instead, a young actor named Harrison Ford (you know, Han Solo) got to be Indy.

I’ve always wondered what Tom Selleck would be like as Indiana Jones.  Harrison Ford did such a good job that it’s hard to imagine anyone else doing it.  So I got my chance to see.  Now, what I saw was Thomas Magnum doing that role, with all that implies.  Selleck may have acted differently in a really serious role as Indiana Jones. 

But I got to see him in the hat and coat, and use a whip.  πŸ™‚

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  1. Magnum was a show on in the 80’s. It’s on twice a day on a channel my wife watches, but I don’t know which one.

    If you go to you can look up TV listings for your dish network and find it.

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