I’m a big fan of the fortune program that all *nix machines seem to have. Today Marissa asked me if I knew of any Bible verse dat files for it. Google didn’t have any, and I realized I have 2 nice mysql tables full of them, so I wrote a quick php script to render them all in the raw dat format.

Marissa ran it through the compiler and sent me the dat file, and now I offer it to you.


One thought on “Linux Fortune Bible Verses

  1. I’m going to assume that these are inspiring verses as opposed to random verses which could include:

    — Ezekiel 23:20
    — Whatever Psalm it is in which someone (possibly David) talks about killing babies.
    — That bit in Genesis where somebody from another tribe wants to marry Dinah and the sons of Jacob (I think) tell the tribe they all have to be circumcised first and then kill them while they’re lying around in pain afterward.

    Actually, those verses amuse me considerably (because they’re not inspiring at all).

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