I forgot to mention this stuff in the previous post.

Due to his difficulty breathing and going to the bathroom they did some X-rays on his abdomen yesterday. Everything looks quite good actually. He does NOT have pneumonia, even though there’s a bit of fluid in his lungs. They gave him a diuretic and it very quickly eased his breathing.

We also got the pathology report back. There was no cancer in his spleen or lymph nodes, but there was some in the tumor on his pancreas. They’re going to start some chemo in about 4 week.

Traditionally the life expectancy for this situation is 2-5 years. If he handles the chemo well he could go to 8 or so. That would make him almost 70.

He seems to be handling it all very well. He’s a Christian and knows where he’s going. The whole family is doing quite well actually.

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