So which do you use? Mac or pc? I was asked this yesterday, and realized that it’s been a long time since anyone asked me that. And just as every other time I’ve ever been asked that, the silliness of the question struck me.

Which do you drive, a Ford, or an automobile? Coke, or pop? A Mac is a Personal Computer.

I didn’t know what to tell the lady. She worked at a print office, and was to give me digital images. I know what she really wanted to know; what format can I deal with. Why didn’t she just ask that?

I think one of the reasons I hear the question so rarely anymore is that the line between OS’s is bluring. Windows can open photoshop, quark, and other traditionally Mac formats with no problem these days. And Mac’s can open MS Word and a variety of other traditionally Windows file formats.

So, I’m a pc user. So is every other computer user I know. But don’t bother sending me windows or mac only binaries, because I don’t run either windows or mac.

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