Here’s what I want to do with my custom content type.

  1. Get a multi-dimensional array of all the of the posts in a custom content type, arranged by parent/child relationship.
  2. Feed that into a WordPress Menu.
  3. Whenever a new post is made, it updates that Menu, whether by wiping it out and re-creating it, or being smart enough to put it in the right place.

Additionally, I want to:

  1. Do this for several content types.
  2. Make each of the mentioned content types a main node on my primary nav, so that all their children are drop menus.

Any ideas?

One thought on “Magically creating WordPress menus

  1. Sounds awesome, and like raw php or a new plugin to me. But…each “post” will create a menu item? Could get a little out-of-hand over time!

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