topher rocks.  They’re a record label that is not evil.  Here’s a quick rundown of why they rock:

  • Their slogan is "We are not evil".
  • The artists keep all rights to the music.
  • The artist gets 50% of the profits from sales.
  • The end listener can listen to all of every song in high quality as many times as they want before buying.
  • When you choose to buy, you can choose a price between $5 and $15
  • When you buy, you can choose to download in mp3, FLAC (really high quality), or for an extra $5 they’ll mail you a cd.
  • When you buy, you legally own 4 copies of the music, and are asked to give 3 away to friends.

A few months ago they offered business cards, that just list a few facts about them, and the URL.  They’ll send you 50 of them to hand out to people just for the asking. Just fill out the form and they come to your house.  Mine came today.  :)

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