Several years ago, the first time I bought MLB‘s Gameday Audio, it used either embedded Windows Media, or RealAudio. With some work I made it work in Linux with RealAudio. The next year they switched to an awful concoction of Flash and Windows Media, which made it pretty much impossible.

They still use the same system, but it’s a LOT easier now. I have the regular Linux Flash player (version 9 as of this writing), and I installed the VLC mozilla plugin and it just worked.

For the record, the mplayer mozilla plugin did not work.

For the uninitiated, MLB Gameday Audio allows you to stream online any Major League Baseball Game, listening to either team’s announcers, for only $15/yr. That’s amazingly cheap for 6 months of entertainment.

VLC is a media player that works in pretty much every operating system, and plays just about every media type there is.

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