Molly’s reading has been getting better and better, and she reads everything know.  Truly.  Street signs, news tickers on TV, bumper stickers, books, cereal boxes, etc.  As a result, her vocabulary is growing.

The other day we went to Children’s Place, and the girl were wearing some clothes we’d purchased there some weeks earlier.  When Molly found out we were going there, she said "Oh no!  We can’t go NOW!"  We asked why not, and she said

"We’re wearing clothes we bought there, won’t they think we’re stealing their merchandise?"

Monday we went to Susie’s Doughnuts, and Cate and Sophi stayed in the car.  Cate likes to play Bubble Breaker on my phone when she waits in the car, so I left it with her.  Molly said "Daddy, are you taking your phone in?"  I said no, and she said "Don’t they allow technology in there?"  I asked her what "technology was, and she said

"It’s robots and computers helping us with our work."

Makes sense to me.

2 thoughts on “Molly’s Big Words

  1. Oh the joys of bringing kids up 🙂 My daughter is 16, works with me part time at AiG for the summer and just KEEPS talking 🙂

    Wouldn’t trade it for the world!

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