Molly and Sophi love playing on  They have a huge range of flash based games, and they’ve both been playing them since they were 3.  Today Molly said she’d made a story, and needed help emailing it.  So I went up and sure enough, it let her give input in a story, and there was an option to email it.  I "emailed" it to myself, and it just sent me a url.  So here’s Molly’s Story.

She’s pretty excited about it, and in the past has asked me to print her stuff to pdf (not in so many words), so I have a little archive of stuff the girls have made.  That has lead me to think maybe Molly’s ready for a blog.  She’s just starting to read, so it would take her a while to post something, and she’d need my help uploading pdf’s and stuff, but I think it would be a great way for her to exercise her reading skills.

Plus Grandma would get to see Kid Art more often.  🙂

Any comments on the idea of an almost-pre-reader having a blog?

2 thoughts on “Molly’s Story

  1. Grandma would agree. Just a little apprehensive about “bad prowlers” on the internet that might try to stalk her. However if that could be prevented, I think it would be a great experience for her.

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