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Today is my last day as a full time BigCommerce employee. I held two positions, WordPress Developer Evangelist and Senior Developer Advocate. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at BigCommerce, and wholeheartedly endorse working there if you can.

What’s Next

There are two things next, which is a little unusual. On Monday I start full time as a Senior WordPress Architect at Camber Creative. I had some great conversations with Ryan Smith, Camber Creative’s Director of Operations & Client Delivery and we realized we’re very well aligned philosophically and they have need for some things that I excel at. It seems like a great fit.

Through Camber, I’ll continue on as BigCommerce’s Community Ambassador and still be quite present in the community representing BigCommerce.

This also means that I’m now available for BigCommerce for WordPress consulting and site building. It’ll be through Camber, which is great because there’s a solid team there, and we can build faster and better than I ever could alone.

After Thoughts

I’m super happy about all this. I’m joining a new company that has work that I love to do. I’m taking with me all my favorite parts of what I did at BigCommerce. Many of you know Cate and I are seriously considering living in an RV soon, and the new job allows for some more flexibility in schedule that fits that life perfectly. This is really an ideal situation for me.

So here’s the future!

And if you need any BC4WP work, let me know. :)

7 thoughts on “Moving on in 2020

  1. Congratulations, Topher! There is nothing quite like finding a role that is so well suited to your talents and strengths!

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