In the spring semester of 2003 I was teaching Intro To Web Development at Cornerstone University.  Rather than have tests throughout the semester I had them build a project, and I worked with them to keep up with what they were learning.

That semester I decided to do a project as well, and I chose to make blog software.  In my second post on this blog you can see that I tried Moveable Type and didn’t like it.  I remember trying WordPress and thinking that I could build something just as nice.

So I did build that blog platform, and it’s served me well for 11 years now.  I’ve been a WordPress developer for 4 years now though, and for about tha last year I’ve been wishing I could add to my site’s functionality with my WordPress skills.

My big drawback was that I couldn’t think of a good way to import my comments along with my posts.  The other day I asked for some help on Twitter and my good friend Luke offered to help.

It didn’t take him long to write a script for me, and with a little bit of modification I was able to get ALL my old content into WordPress.

My old images were simply stored in a folder, and I’ve chosen to leave them there, rather than import them into the media library.  They work fine, and I don’t think it’s worth the headache.

I’ve already blogged more this month than the previous 3 I think.  🙂

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