In the months before my dad died we went through a lot of Stuff. Some of it was his, some was my moms, some from his parents and in-laws.

One of the boxes he showed me held a bunch of diaries from my maternal Grandmother. I never knew they existed, so I started looking through them until I came to 1971. I slowly flipped through until I came to July 17.  Here’s what I found:

A page from my grandma's diary, describing my birth

It’s a treasure for me to be able to see her handwriting again, to read what she had to say to us, about me.

3 thoughts on “My Birth Day

  1. This is fantastic! It makes me want to go back to keeping notes on actual paper. 40 years from now is anyone going to even be able to access the notes / journal I write on my laptop? There’s really something to be said for pens and paper preserving memories. Thanks for sharing this. What a blessing!

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