I stopped by the Apple store in Woodland Mall the other day.  I’m not a huge fan of Apple, but I’ve been happy to see them move to a Real OS.  It was pretty much exactly what I expected, with one caveat.  They had my next monitor.  I didn’t know it when I went in there, but I knew it when I saw it.

That dark square is a screenshot of my normal desktop at 1600×1200, rendered full size.  That monitor is 30 inches, and is running 2560×1800 resolution at 16.7 million colors.  Yowza.

It would of course enhance my work output greatly, and at $2999.00, how can I afford not to?  Actually, since I work at a uni, it would only be $2700.00 for me.

5 thoughts on “My next monitor

  1. As I read this post on a laptop whose LCD will allow no more than 1024×768, I can’t help but to be very envious!

    Especially since I wish I had $2700 to spend on computer stuff. :-)

  2. I’m fairly happy running at 1920×1200 – add in the 4 virtual desktops in linux, and I’m a very happy campter!

    People constantly ask me “how can you read that tiny text??”
    To which I point out that I can read it at arms length *shrugs* good contacts, I guess :)

  3. Would a monitor that size be like sitting too close to the TV? What ever happened to that rule of thumb? Did it go out with the usage of computers? Aren’t we all sitting “too close to a TV” when we’re computing?

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