My kids have been fascinated with the Fantastic Four, most likely because there are banners for it all over Rivertown Mall.  We were walking there the other day and Molly said "Look momma!  Mr. Fantastic!"

My wife said "They have a poster about Daddy?"

"No silly, Mr Fantastic is a super hero, because he has super powers!", Molly said.

"Doesn’t Daddy have super powers?", said Cate.

"Noooo!" said Molly, in her "you’re being so silly" little girl voice.

"If he did have a super power, what do you think it would be?", Cate asked.

Molly put her finger to her chin, thought for a moment, and said decisively


5 thoughts on “My super power

  1. my verbal reaction to this blog… “ohhhhh!” i love that she put her finger to her chin. HOW. CUTE. and what a great super power! YOU RULE!

  2. Weird… I thought your super power was PHP….

    Just KIDDING. That’s quite the tribute to a good father. 🙂

  3. To anyone who’s had the opportunity to observe your family, this comes as no surprize. I’m afraid your cover is blown – your alter-ego is exposed.

    And that’s a good thing indeed!

  4. Makes me think of “Who’s Line Is It Anyway?”:

    “Thank goodness you’ve arrived, Captain Love!”

    “Captain Love to the rescue!!”

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