My wife has kicked around the idea of a blog for a few months now, and she’s finally started.  You can find it at .  Stop in and say hi.  🙂

I’m pretty interested in seeing what she posts.  As her husband, you’d think I’d know the issues in her life that are significant enough for her to tell the world about them.  I don’t know if you’ve noticed though that when people talk to their spouse they say things differently.  When they say things to strangers there’s different information, said in a different way.  It’s not that people hide things from their spouses, they simply speak differently to them.

WordPress 1.5 came out the other day, and I thought I’d give it a shot for her blog.  I have to admit, it sure installed easily.  I just put some passwd info into one file, uploaded the package, and ran through the install process.  I still like phlog though.  🙂

She thinks the default theme is ugly, but she thinks all the other available 1.5 themes are ugly too, so you may see a theme entitle "Cate" made by some guy named "topher1kenobe" sometime soon. 

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