A few weeks ago we borrowed the audio dramatization of The Chronicles Of Narnia.  We started with The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe despite the fast that it wasn’t listed as "first" just because I like it in that order.  We listened on the way to IKEA and back, and then some more on the road for Thanksgiving.

I know the stories very well, but my wife had never read them, and of course the girls didn’t know them.  My wife liked it a lot, and the girls LOVED them.  I was surprised, since they’re quite young for it.  Molly is quite disappointed that she can’t see what they all look like, but that’ll soon change won’t it?

I was impressed with how well they did it.  They’re read by Lewis’ step-son, and he does an excellent job.  It’s interesting to note that his step-son was a big fan of the books before his mom met Lewis.  Imagine getting for a step-father one of your heros.

In other news, Cornerstone University, where I work, got Theatre One at Celebration Cinema just down the road for a one-day-early viewing by CU employees.  I got my tickets the other day, and I hope to buy two more tomorrow so I can take the girls.

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