A few weeks ago, my wife took me to see National Treasure. I’m going to say a lot about the plot, but they don’t really hide much in the plot except whether or not they find the treasure in the end, so I won’t tell you whether they do or not.

The general plot is that for the last 5,000 years or so, every time a group of people conquered another group of people, they took all their treasure. They were then conquered themselves, and the treasure taken by another group, with the treasure growing each time.

During the Crusades, the Knights Templar managed to get the treasure, and decided that it was too great for any one person to hold, so they shared it. When the Templars were destroyed, the survivors formed the Freemasons and hid the treasure. When America began to be populated, it was moved there to keep it away from European politics. At some point, the King of England became convinced it was here, and so he attacked (therein lies the real reason for the Revolutionary War, Ed.)

A group of powerful Freemasons, primarily led by Ben Franklin, hid the treasure, as well as hiding clues all over the world. The last living man to know about it left a single clue with his cab driver. The driver tried to find the treasure, as well as all his descendants. Our story deals with a modern day descendant, played by Nicolas Cage. His father tried a little, but became disillusioned and quit. Our Hero found enough clues to think that it was real.

I’ll quit telling you the story now. 🙂 Was it good? I think so. If you go into the movie having some knowledge of the Templars and Freemasons, it’ll be a lot more interesting. Oddly, American history isn’t so important because they tell all about that IN the movie. They do deal with some little known facts, like some 3d glasses Franklin made, and some letters he wrote under a pseudonym, etc. Quite cool stuff.

So, I’d suggest seeing it.

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