We went up north to see my dad yesterday. It felt like the last time. The cancer is on his liver, so it’s not working very well. His skin is pretty yellow, and his eyes are very yellow. I told him it looks like he’s lost weight and he said about 10 pounds. It looks more like 50.

We talked about Stuff. I showed him all the pictures on my phone, and some of the videos from The Old Engine Show in Buckley. He told me he’d hired an old friend to finish the mantel behind the wood stove. We talked about how to sell the motorcycle. I got a nice pic of the two of us.

Dad and me

We got pictures of him and all the kids.

Dad and his girls

When it was time to go he asked my sister to help him stand so he could hug everyone. I held him in my arms and I could feel him shaking with effort. He whispered that he needed to sit, so I helped him back down and he almost passed out from lack of oxygen. We got his cannula back in and he opened his eyes again. I held his hand and told him that I loved him and he said he loved me too. He took my wife’s hand and told her he loved her and was glad she came.

He’s so ready to go. I think however sad we’ll be to lose him, we’re ready for him to go as well. When my mom died I was so happy to think of her running with her daddy again. Now I’m happy to think of my parents getting to be friends again.

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