Last summer I left my digital camera out in the rain all night.  It’s now dead.  🙁  We lived without one for a while, but when you have kids as cute as ours, you have to have a good camera.

Recently we had a little extra cash, so we ordered one from Amazon.  We got a Kodak CX7430.  It’s a 4 megapixel with 3x optical zoom.  Do yourself a favor and don’t ever use digital zoom.  It uses SD/MMC, which is nice, since I had a 128M chip already.

It has a few features my old one didn’t, like adjustable shutter speed, and it can do 6 shots per second.  If you wanr more info, check out the pages for it on Steve’s Digicams.  Steve’s site totally rocks for camera data, check it out before buying one.

Here’s some pictures I took with it, click for larger views:

Lucky Dog

Happy Girls


3 thoughts on “New Camera

  1. I’ve always avoided Kodaks entirely because the one I used a few years ago wouldn’t act as a USB drive out of the box, unlike Sony, Fuji, and other brands. So getting it to work with any OS required some third-party program.

    Are the new Kodaks mountable as external USB drives without any voodoo?

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