I installed Ubuntu Hardy on my Dell D630 several months ago and it worked just peachy. A friend installed the nVidia drivers because she wanted to play Unreal, but I never play it on my laptop, so I never bothered. The default drivers worked just fine.

Today I tried to play an mpg video and it didn’t work, it said I didn’t have a valid Xvideo driver. I quickly found that the vesa driver just didn’t work for that, so I grabbed the nVidia drivers myself. I had two problems; it turned off Emulate3Buttons, and my fonts were all HUGE.

Turning on Emulate3Buttons was easy in xorg.conf. My Unreal friend showed me a site with instructions to fix the fonts.

The point of my post though, is that it’s so much FASTER. Apps start faster, widgets are snappier, everything just seems like it’s on speed. So I recommend it.

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