Tim Russert was the Election Reporting Guy for NBC for years. He made extensive use of a whiteboard, he was famous for it. When he broke out the whiteboard, people knew things were heating up and getting interesting.

This morning on the Today Show, they had The New Guy, and he used a New Tool; Microsoft Surface.

Surface came out last year I think, and it’s pretty neato, but crazy expensive, and it didn’t really take off. On the Today Show, he had the desktop flat in front of him, and it was reflected on a big screen behind him for us to see. They didn’t try to hide his version though, and they often had a camera pointing down at his, so that when he drew on it, we saw his hand. It was very much a “hey, look at Surface!” time.

I just think it’s interesting that they jumped from a whiteboard to Surface in one leap.

One thought on “Paradigm shift

  1. Hi Topher,
    Did you hear the story about Tim Russert’s son calling and asking his dad if he could have one of those white boards? Tim was very flattered that his son really wanted something that his old man used~~ A momento. So Tim asked his son if he wanted the small board or the bigger one. His son said he did not care. So he took one home, gave to his son and said to him It really means alot to me that you want a momento from my show. His son followed up with are you kidding me?~~Do you know how much I can get for one of these on EBay? Spoken like a true child. They certainly help us to keep on the humble side.

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