Before last weekend, I’d never been to a “con” before, unless you count GospelCon, which I don’t. I was invited to speak this last weekend at Penguicon 6, a combination Open Source and Sci-Fi convention. I traveled there with Jim, and he drove. Thanks Jim!

My topics were Intro to HTML and Intro to PHP. Both had about 35 people, with a good mix ranging complete newbies to experienced people looking for a laugh.

Almost immediately after I got there, walking from the car to the grill, I saw a guy walking toward me and thought “That looks like Eric Raymond”. I looked down at his name tag and it said “ESR”. I never knew he had cerebral palsy. How interesting.

I had the brazilian beef for lunch. It wasn’t from Brazil, it was grilling a style popular there. They throw the meat on the grill and surround it with giant chunks of rock salt. The salt melts and seals the juices inside the meat. It was amazing. We waited 25 minutes in line, and many people waited over an hour. They put a plate on a scale and put beef on it until it hit a pound. That as it. But as I mentioned, amazing.

Being a combo con, there was an interesting mix of people ranging from the completely normal to the completely freakish. I’ll just let it go at that.

It was fun, and I hope to go back next year, and perhaps even stay the night, or even the whole weekend.

Oh, and I had a nice conversation with some guy who draws stick figures.

3 thoughts on “Penguicon 6

  1. I was on three panels at Penguicon: one with ESR, two with Vernor Vinge. They were all crowded. I understood they had >1K prereg. And they’re expecting 25% more next year. Definitely one to go to (May 1-3, 2009).

  2. HUH? I am less than newbie, I must be preconceptual.
    Love ya, even though we are not from the same atmosphere.

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