This whole pandemic thing is happening so quickly, and yet it feels like it’s been going on for a really long time. It was only the beginning of this month that we were trying to decide whether to cancel events.

We’re not exactly under quarantine, the Governor has simply asked people to engage in physical distancing, reducing human contact. Four states have now actually required “shelter in place” quarantine, where people aren’t supposed to leave their homes except in case of strong need.

This hasn’t been a huge burden on my family yet, we tend to only go out when we need to anyway, so we’re still doing that. Groceries, etc. We’ve gotten takeout food a couple times, but of course all restaurants have closed their seating areas.

Today is really the first time where we wanted to go out just for fun, and decided not to do that fun thing. Even that was going to a cool grocery store. But we didn’t really need anything, we just wanted the environment, so we stayed home.

Video Chats

Maybe once before in my life have I taken part in a video chat whose purpose was only to chit chat. This week I’ve been involved in four. My daughter has started video chatting with her friends multiple times per day. At work we’re talking about setting up chats within business verticals, to get merchants talking to each other. This feels like a New Thing in society.


This feels like one of the biggest things to me so far, because it’s fundamentally changing the structure of our government. Tax day has moved from 15 April to 15 July. The amount of infrastructure involved in changing that blows my mind. The number of things that count on that tax money hitting at the same time every year is something I can’t even wrap my head around.


My work hasn’t really been impacted, other than my co-workers are now also working from home. Cate’s work seems to be picking up some. Sophia’s work online dropped off. Ema works at a Starbucks and her co-workers have been staying home sick, so her hours have really spiked. She’s working really hard, coming home tired, and trying to keep up. I’m proud of her, but concerned.

Stay tuned for for in the future.

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