Molly’s prayers have always been interesting.  She started her prayer life after her first nightmare ever, and we taught her to pray to God when she woke up, and he’d keep the bad dreams away.  It worked fine, but she then prayed every night for each *specific* bad dream she’d ever had to stay away.  So for a while her evening prayer went something like this:

Dear God, please help the blue lady dream, and the big naughty pigs, and the soldiers, and the ghosts, and the monster dream to stay away, amen.

She had a bunch more, near the end it was like trying to play Simon.  Eventually even she got tired of listing them all, and started saying:

Dear God, please help all the bad dreams to stay away.

Much better.  She’s been getting creative recently though.  Before Christmas, for about 3 months, she prayed every night for God to bring her "that present".  I knew which one it was, and knew it was coming.  Following is last night’s prayer:

Dear God, please destroy all the bad dreams, and take them up to heaven, and send them back as good dreams, and please have nice weather on <whisper> daddy, what day is it tomorrow?</whisper> monday up in heaven, and please send us some too to Grand Rapids, and thank you for getting me that present.

A month later, and she’s still grateful.  Kids are great.

4 thoughts on “Prayer of the week

  1. Excellent. My son Trey prays each night for three uncles and our pastor’s son who are in the Army. Two uncles and the pastor’s son are in Iraq. His prayer is that they will “have a good time in the Army.” I suspect that not getting shot qualifies as a good time. 🙂

  2. How perfectly sweet! I just *love* hearing these kinds of things (“big naughty pigs” – how cute!); I could read this kind of stuff all day. Thanks for sharing!
    – J

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