Aaron did a post where he listed programs he uses often. I found it quite inetresting, and he said he was interested in what others use, so here goes:


I’ve been a Pine user for about 10 years now. It’s a console based app, which means I can ssh into my machine and use it from anywhere. That assumes I have an ssh connection to that box though. 🙁 About 3 months ago I moved my desktop to a new network, and I don’t have a tunnel through the firewall yet, so I’ve been using Thunderbird. I’ll be able to do a solid review at the end, though I sincerely doubt it’s needed.


I use Firerox for the vast
majority of my work. For the last few months though, I’ve been using Opera as my phpMyAdmin client. It
can be handy to have a different set of cookies, logins, etc. It also gets me
a little more up to speed on a browser I never used much. I also occasionally
use Mozilla, also to do stuff with cookies in
a different browser.I have Galeon and Epiphany installed, but
almost never need them.

Instant Messanger

GAIM is it for me. I’ve tried EveryBuddy and Kopete, but they just don’t do it for me. I
keep naim and centericq (console apps) installed
for the rare occasion I need to use an IM client over ssh.


VIM almost exclusively. I have Bluefish installed because
it has some nice menus for things like obscure html entities.


I’ve gotten to the point where I can ssh
or scp to every box I work on, so I don’t use ftp on a day to day basis. I
just use the console versions. For you windows users, make sure you check out
WinSCP.I do have to ftp
to the live servers for my day job, but I do it from the development server,
which I ssh to. So I use ncftp.

Password Management

As mentioned in an
earlier blog post
, I keep a gpg
encrypted file on my machine with all my passwds in it. Then I have a bash
alias to make it ask for my passwd and spit them out in a buffer.


Time Entry

I don’t really use either of these.

To-do Lists

I have an app I wrote for my day job that I keep track of things I need to work
on. It’s very simple, but easy to use.

Misc Apps

Music: I use XMMS for my music
player. It’s VERY unobtrusive while keeping access via keyboard and mouse very

VMWare: I use VMWare for testing sites in IE, doing expense
reports in Excel, running crazy bleeding edge software, and some Photoshop

GIMP: I actually use The GIMP for the majority of my graphics work,
there just isn’t a lot of graphics work at all.

Abiword: Abiword is a word processor, I use it
almost exclusively for simply reading simple notes people send me as Word docs.
It’s SCREAMING fast.

2 thoughts on “Programs I use often

  1. With the exception of pine (Outlook by necessity), my own list very nearly reflects everything you listed. I just recently picked up ncftp after getting the typical headaches from gftp and I’m wondering why I wasn’t using this all along. 🙂

    Of course, I’m not using your to-do program. 🙂

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