I’m going to reprint the whole thing here, emphasis mine, and then comment below.

The N55 ROCKET SYSTEM enables persons to communicate their protest in a concrete way. It is a low tech, low cost, highly efficient hybrid rocket propulsion system, fueled by a mixture of polyethylene and laughing gas (N2O). The N55 ROCKET SYSTEM makes it possible to distribute various things from high altitudes. For example, printed matter or plant seeds could be spread over a vast area. The rocket PROTEST, constructed to protest against large concentrations of power, can carry a payload of 2 kg to an altitude of approximately 5200m.

Source: NASA Watch

Large concentrations of power?  Like, say, powerful countries people don’t like?

Various things?  Things as small as seeds?  Like, say, poison?  Or nuclear waste?

This just screams out "bad idea".

One thought on “Protest Rocket?!?!

  1. I agree. Kinda like when they dropped the poisonous snakes down by Mike Wersteins house. Great for the snakes bad for the people!

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