The Optimus keyboard isn’t available yet, but it’s really revolutionary.  Basically, every key is a miniature LCD screen, and you can make any key do anything you want.

That allows you to suddenly turn your ASCII (english) keyboard into a Cyrillic (Russian) keyboard.  Then to Chinese.  That’s fabulous for people who write to others in different languages.

You can also program keys to do things specifically for certain applications.  For example, they show it set up for use with photoshop. and every tool has its own key.

You can make it into a Dvorak layout if you want to.

I doubt everyone will get one for these, but for people who find themselves changing keyboards or even computers all the time, this will be wonderful.

2 thoughts on “REALLY cool keyboard

  1. I could so see this for controlling DAW applications, kind of like the keyboards they have already labeled for Pro Tools, but able to switch from program to program. Not to mention programs like Acid or Reason… WooHoo!

  2. That is AWESOME. It would be perfect for that brand spanking new game whose keyboard controls you’re just not quiet familiar with yet. “I’m out of ammo! What key do I use to change my weapon again? Oh, too late.”

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