Those of you who anxiously await my screenshot every day will notice today that it’s a much smaller image. I ran 1920×1440 for a long time, and it seemed quite nice. Today I’m back to 1600×1200, and I think I like it.

My old laptop ran 1600×1200, and with relative screen size differences, seemed about the same as my desktop at 1920×1440. My new laptop doesn’t do any better than 1024×768, and with my graphics card being dead for the last couple days, I’ve been using it even more than usual. Today when I fired up my desktop with the new card, 1920×1440 just seemed too tiny. I haven’t had any problems reading it or anything, it just seemed too small.

I think it’s interesting that I want my laptop and my desktop to look similar, and I do it by choosing resolutions that, while different in number, render similarly due to screen size differences. 1024×768 on a 21″ monitor is just too huge.

One nice thing about 16×12 is that my wallpapers are all that size, so they won’t be stretched any more.

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