Rex Rogers is the president of the uni where I work.  (Am I the only American that says uni?).  I’ve always thought he should blog, as I think it’s valuable for any person in a public position like that to blog.

Not many uni presidents blog, and that’s always boggled my mind.  I don’t know any other presidents, but Rex is far more in touch with the student mindset than the students realize.  Blogs personalize a position.  They let the normal, human, conversational part of a person come out and be seen.

Rex took the plunge, and has told me that he’s really enjoying it.  🙂  So check it out at

2 thoughts on “RexBlog

  1. very, very interesting! Good for you, I assume, for encouraging him to do so. I think more pastors and church staff should blog as well.

  2. Yes, but not all pastors have radio minutes either!

    I found several posts of interest, and was about to add it to my rss feeds….

    Where’s the feed?

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