The slashdot headlines, but still.  This cracks me up, and I don’t have time to re-write it.

Nestle Patents Coffee Beer

"New Scientist reports that Nestec, a Nestle subsidiary, has applied for a patent on a fermented coffee beverage.
In other words, coffee beer — it foams like beer and packs the
caffeine of coffee, with "fruity and/or floral notes due to the
fermentation of the coffee aroma."

3 thoughts on “Ripped from the headlines!!!!

  1. Thanks for the info. We are going to take the info to our Christmas staff inservice to see if we can replace the blah coffee we now receive each morning!!!

  2. hmmm…. dual purpose beverage… interesting. So if you drink too much, do you pass out and wake up intermittenly because of the caffeine buzz???

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