I’ve posted before about how cool podcasting is, but for all that I don’t really listen to any.  I think it’s just because I hadn’t found any that I really groove on.  I finally did.

The Roadhouse Podcast bills itself as the best blues you’ll never hear.  Like any sampler, some of it is amazing and some is just ok.  But on the whole, it’s an hour of good blues.

Number 28 just came out too, so there’s plenty to listen to.  It’s done by just one guy, and he makes the entire show in Linux, which is pretty cool.

He’s looking for a new logo, and the person that sends in the best one gets a $25 iTunes certificate.

One thought on “Roadhouse Podcast

  1. As much as I love music, I just haven’t dived into the podcast thing, until I read this post of yours. MY iTunes is now set up for this subscription! LOVE their latest show.

    I should of jumped in earlier, since most of the music I love most is underground, off the radar stuff. I’m sure there are a buncha podcasts for them.


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