Ok, Robots is famous.  It’s a hit, everyone likes it.  I’ve heard some wonky reviews though, so I’ll throw in my 6 bits.  My wife and I saw it together last week, and then yesterday we took our girls.

First I want to metion the short that comes before the movie.  It has the little squirrely character from Ice Age scaling an ice wall to get an acorn.  It’s total slapstick, and ends with him falling into space, To Be Continued….  I thought it was humorous, but Molly (age 5) thought it was the funniest thing she’d ever seen.  I thought she was going to choke.  For what it’s worth, it’s not continued at the end of Robots, there’s no funny trailer at all.

Second, I want to mention that the new Star Wars trailer is there, and it’s awesome on the big screen.  I’m really looking forward to the movie, which happens to be just in time for my wife’s birthday.  She’s… ambivalent.

So on to Robots.  It’s a great movie, with a HUGE array of highly capable actors.  James Earl Jones even does some Darth in it.  Other than being a little long for my 3 year old, it was perfect for our girls.  Our Hero is wholesome and lovable, Right and Good are the center of the story (as opposed to romance, or action), with plenty of "get off your butt and do it yourself instead of whining" attitude.

The scenery appealed to the sci-fi geek in me immensly.  Tons of old fashioned, wildly inefficient machines, gears everywhere, and Rube Goldberg machines galore.

All in all, a very fun movie, great for kids, wholesome message, etc.  Go see it.

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