My kids started saying cute things again today, so I had to write them down.

This morning Sophi and I made a doughnut run while Cate and Molly and Lucky went for a walk.  Sophi got two coffee straws because the girls like to drink with them.  She was sitting quietly in the back seat on the way home and then suddenly said "Daddy, I think chopsticks aren’t for doughnuts".  That just cracked me up.

The girls have been talking about The Easter Bunny lately, and Cate and I decided it was time to discuss with them the fact that Santa and the Easter Bunny aren’t real.  So the girls and I talked about it in the car the other day, but Cate wanted to be review with them, to see if they really got it.  So we started talking about it some, and I reminded them that Santa Clause is something people made up based on St. Nicholaus, and that he WAS real, but isn’t anymore.

Molly tilted her head to the side and said "So, it’s kind of like a myth?"


We expected them to be quite sad about the whole thing, but there were no tears.  We asked Molly how she felt, and she said "A little sad and a little happy, both at the same time".  When we asked her why, she said "Well, it’s nice that he WAS real, but now who will give us presents?"  We reassured her that presents would still come.

Lastly, Molly came down from upstairs a few minutes ago, and said "Dad, I’m trying to write The Theory Of Relatibity, I think it’s something like M, C squares equals E."  We told her that it’s The Theory Of RelatiVity, and it’s E=mc2.  She wrote it out well, and we kind of explained what it meant.  I have no idea where she got it.

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