This week is Sharathon here at WCSG. It’s our annual fundraiser, similar in theory to what PBS stations do, except we raise about 15 times more.

It’s a fun exciting time, LOTS of bustle, volunteers everywhere, etc. Here’s a picture. If you look carefully, you can see Brian Melles from Gospelcom. Look for the white shirt and tigger tie in the middle of the picture. 🙂

Sharathon is always a really crazy time, with ALL my efforts being poured into it for about a month ahead of time. No-one really gets much sleep during the week. We always have someone spend the night on-site to prevent theft, and last night my wife, kids, and I stayed the night on the floor. We watched Around The World In 80 Days on a big screen TV (it’s quite good, the cameo’s are plentiful), and the girls stayed up until about 10:30. Nap time today. 🙂

I think I have the stomach flu though, so today should be interesting.

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