Sharathon is done. The end of a long week of 15 hour days, 5 am phone calls, and pumping adrenaline. For the first time in years we met our goal. Even before that it was met by going over for an hour to two. This time the pledge that pushed us over the top came in at 11:58, and we were scheduled to end at 12:00.

Someone called in a $5000 pledge with 20 min left, that helped. After the end, we had a nice steak dinner right on-site.

I officially hate WYSE terminals.

2 thoughts on “Sharathon is done

  1. The system you designed was really slick and seemed to function quite easily from what I saw. FAR better than what has been used in years gone by. Congrats on reaching the goal!

  2. Why do you hate them? I have an old Wyse 50 terminal that barely works. I would *love* to get a newer/better one (color? with a mouse?).

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