Well, WaYfm’s Sharathon started yesterday, and today is the first day in a long time that it hasn’t held my full attention at my day job. I don’t actually do much during Sharathon, my work is all prep, with web pages, webcams, email setups, etc.

This year we’re doing 2 Sharathons at once, one for WAYG, and one for WAYK, which means that I had to make 2 forms for the web site. I couldn’t just do a single form with vars (well, I sort of did) because it’s using 2 different sets of data options. We also had our backup phone service using the web site this year, which means that I had to make 2 more for them, in a passwd protected area.

I’m feeling pretty burned out by the whole thing, getting up early, staying up late, 100 things going wrong per minute. I’m nostly just rambling here. So I’ll stop.

Oh, someone else blogged about it too: THORmonger

If you want to check out the webcam or the live streaming audio, use this cool short URL:

One thought on “Sharathon

  1. Yes prepping for it totally sucks! I am with ya. I worked from 9 AM to 1 AM Monday, with a 2 hour break for dinner around 7. Can’t wait for next week’s return to normalcy.

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