Last week the girls were gone to Grandma’s, so we took the opportunity to travel a bit.  Last friday my wife and I went to the Shedd Aquarium

It was a cold dark miserable day.  It rained the entire day, and the wind was crazy strong, and we had to walk about a half mile from the parking garage to the aquarium.  And my poor wife was wearing sandals.  But it was worth it.

You can go to their site to see all the things they have.  They had a baby Beluga whale that we got to see though.  Several times per day someone gets into the Carribean Reef tank to feed the fish, and answers questions while she’s down there.  She’ll be talking along and then stop and take a Vader-esque breath.  Quite funny I thought.

Anyway, as with the zoo, I took a lot of pictures.  They’re not the greatest, since no flashes were allowed.  That rule is apparently not enforced, but I was a good boy anyway.

4 thoughts on “Shedd Aquarium

  1. I do get it, but I hadn’t looked through it yet. I flipped through quickly last night, and you’re right, some of those pictures are amazing. I wish I had the equipment, time, and money to do great underwater pics like that.

  2. i know. last year i met a guy in a kick boxing class who makes a living as an underwater videographer. unfortunately he traveled a lot so i’d only get to hear about his trips every couple of months. crazy job, huh?

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