During Sharathon we print every pledge. There’s one machine dedicated to that, and a printer connected directly to it. During a busy time the pledges come in faster than the printer can spit them out, so we’ve worked hard to streamline the process.

The biggest time saver we’ve found is getting rid of the print dialog. The default action when you print in either Mozilla Thunderbird or Mozilla Firefox is to bring up the Print dialog, and ask you what printer you want to use, how many copies, etc. Since it’s the same for us every time, we wanted to skip that, and make it simply print.

The way to make that happen is to go into the about:config settings. In Firefox you simply type that into the location bar. In Thunderbird you go to the Advanced tab in Preferences, and there’s a button to bring it up. Once you’re in there you create a new boolean option called


and set it to true.

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