Condensed Peanuts StripI’ve been a fan of Charles Schulz since I first picked up a book in the early 80’s. My folks had picked up books over the years, so we had some pretty old stuff, and I got to read about Linux and Sally being born, and I saw the strip where Woodstock was introduced.

I’ve purchased big books about the history of the strip, and read all about how Franklin came to be, and why Snoopy went to the moon, and why Snoopy broke Babe Ruth’s record, and why he got hate mail for it. The entire Peanuts strip, from the time it was created until the time Charles Schulz died, was a reflection of his life.

It’s not always “hilarious” like Calvin and Hobbes, nor as biting as Doonesbury, but it always has a sense of deep wisdom embedded in the simple statements of children.

The strip at the right was for this past sunday, click it to read it.

One thought on “Snoopy Rocks

  1. sorry, chris…’the peanuts’ has to be the *worst* *comic* *strip* *ever*. not funny. not remotely funny.

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