It’s snowing today.  Not accumulating, just snowing.  It’s cold and nasty out.  So we’re staying in and watching movies all day.  The kids are at Grandmas, so we get some time to ourselves.

This morning Lucky asked to go outside to potty.  I stood in our entryway and let her outside into the driveway.  She took about 6 steps out, stopped and sniffed the air for a minute, and turned right around and asked to come back inside.  Once I let her in, she headed right for the heater and curled up and put her head down and looked up at the with just her eyes.  They said "No freakin’ way am I going out there".

2 thoughts on “Snow day

  1. Not accumulating? Ha! I’m definitely in the middle of a snowstorm with accumulation all over the place. Man, I thought it was Spring time…

  2. Well all our “not accumulation” has melted this morning. It is funny – the grandchildren wanted to go out and make snow angels!! Personally I agree with Lucky. IT’S TIME FOR SPRING!!!!!

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