The other night I heard a little girl get up in the night, so I went in to make sure all was well.  Molly was sitting on the potty, obviously mostly asleep.  I said "How are you doing?".  She mumbled something, and I asked again, and she said

"My eyebrows hurt.  Something’s wrong and I don’t know what!". 

She was trying hard not to cry, and the pitch increased as she went through the sentence, so at the end it was that super high squeak that only a very sad little girl can make.

Then she asked for a drink.  Now normally we try to keep night drinks to a bare minimum, to avoid any unpleasant night time surprises.  So when she asks at night, she usually tries to reassure me that she’ll only drink a little.  That night she said

"May I have a drink of water?  I’ll only take two or five sips."

I have no idea why she picked those numbers.  I gave her a drink, and cuddled her for a while and explained that it’s called a headache when your eyebrows hurt.  After about 10 minutes of good Daddy cuddles, she said her "headache" was gone, and she’d like to go back to bed.

2 thoughts on “Sore eyebrows

  1. dude, i had just read it when i got your email. I LOVED this one. i never thought about a headache being where one’s eyebrows are. HOW CUTE. thanks for sharing it. : )

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