I’ve used Spamassassin for years, but I don’t think actually started using it really properly until just the other day. I posted a while back about learning to train it, but that didn’t really seem to do anything. It’s been getting about 50% of my spam ever since then, never getting better.

The one day it started getting about 95%. It’s great! It took me a while to figure out what had changed. My computer locked up, so I had to restart it. I hadn’t restarted it forever. That old post was from November, so sometime last fall. What does this mean? Than the spamassassin daemon hadn’t been restarted in that long either.

The moral of the story? You have to restart spamassassin for it to take note of any training you do.

2 thoughts on “Spamassassin Tip

  1. What about using GMail and let them deal with the spam? I almost never see a spam message.

    I also reboot every night – you must not be using Windows. : – )

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