This last weekend my father-in-law took me spearfishing. We were looking for pike on Lake Mitchell in Cadillac MI. He has a decent 2-person ice shanty, and we fit well. It was REALLY cold that day, but he had a small heater that quickly made it uncomfortably warm in there.

The inside of the shanty is painted black, so that when the door is shut, the only light comes up from the water. The water was about 9 feet deep where we were, and it was easy to see all the way to the bottom.

The spears were made many years ago by Uncle Casey, and have a long metal handle and a spray of 5 barbed points on the end. Think of a traditional trident, but with two extra tines. A hextent?

We didn’t see a single fish, but he said it was the poor part of the day in the poor part of the season to get anything. On the other hand, we got out together and had a really good time talking about a huge variety of things.

A good time was had by all.

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