My wife is a sports fan. She likes baseball, football, tennis, nascar, and occasionally golf and hockey. I’ve never been a big fan, though I cheer for her teams because I love her, and I cheer for the Lions and Tigers because I’m loyal to my home teams.

This summer molly has begun to have favorite teams. Cate likes the Cubs and Braves, but Molly has become dedicated to the Cubs. She also REALLY likes Rafael Nadal. Her favorite NASCAR drive is Matt Kenseth, mostly because she thinks he has the coolest car.

I think it’s interesting how caught up in sports she’s become. It can only come from her mother.

3 thoughts on “Sports Opinions

  1. That’s too funny. My wife is a sports fan, especially baseball, but some football. My son has become obsessed with Baseball, and knows more than any 9 year old should about the tigers and many other baseball players. Since practicing with him, watching his games, and watching the tv games with them, I am starting to enjoy it a lot more. I like the SportsCenter version best tho – just the highlights. And watching recent interviews with LeBron James.

  2. It certainly does not come from her “Grams” either, who was the “rah,rah” girl. I do enjoy a well played game of football though. All those grown men beating each other up! πŸ™‚

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