So here I sit, almost midnight, planning to work into the night. As I do whenever I work late, I’m watching Stalag 17. I first saw this in high shool I think, and I’ve loved it ever since.

If you’ve ever seen Hogan’s Heros, it’s similar enough that the Heros got sued. But while it’s often funny, it’s not a comedy. People actually die.

It’s a mystery story set in a WW2 POW camp. There’s a rat in the camp, and everyone thinks they know who it is, the guy who trades loot with the Nazi’s. Imagine our surprise when it’s not him. I won’t tell who it is though.

It’s hard to say why I love this movie. It’s just cool. And I’m in good company; Thomas Magnum likes it too.

I have it on DVD. There’s nothing else on there except this movie; no special scenes, no other languages, no widescreen. But that’s fine.

Some fun trivia:

The movie was shot in sequence (i.e., the scenes were filmed in the same order they’re shown). Many of the actors were surprised by the final plot twist.

The uncredited soldier singing at the Christmas Party is Ross Bagdasarian, also known as Dave Seville, the leader/creator/voice of Alvin and the Chipmunks.

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