So my friend Mike and I caught the 12:15 am showing of RotS.  I found it to be a very good showing of the downward spiral of Anakin into Darth Vader.  We all know it happened, and we all know Padme has Luke and Lea, and we all know everything that came out.  It’s the how that was interesting.

I won’t say too much other than the effects were fabulous, and they did a good job showing all the important details to hand things off nicely to Episode IV.

I particularly liked how the last 5 seconds or so of the movie tied into the beginning of EIV.

So it’s 3am, and now I’m getting some sleep because in the morning I’m taking my wife out to breakfast and then to the 9:30 am showing of Monster In Law.

One thought on “Star Wars Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith

  1. ahh, my star wars brother. i appreciate your dedication to the force. i saw it again last nite. much better second time around, when sleep deprivation is less of an issue.

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