Remember when I said I surely forgot something?  I remembered it.  Saturday morning my wife had to get up very early and go to work.  I was going to go get doughnuts for the girls and me, and coffee to take to my wife.  The girls knew we were getting doughnuts, and at some point in the morning Molly walked into my bedroom.  She came back out slowly and said in a very puzzled voice, "Dad, Mom’s not in her bed!".

"Nope", I said.

"Do you think maybe she ran away in the night?", Molly asked.

"No", I chuckled, "She just had to go to work this morning."

"Well, I guess we get all the doughnuts!" she exclaimed.

Moving right along, when we go to Cate’s workplace, Molly got out and stood on her yellow line like she was supposed to.  Sophi said "Dad, will you carry me?".

I said "No, you can walk just fine."

In a very concerned voice she said "But Dad!  I don’t want to be a pancake!!!"

In the past, we’ve emphasized how important it is to be careful in parking lots, because they might get hit by a car and turned into a molly/sophi pancake.  Apparently, she was convinced that if I didn’t carry her, it was certain pancakesville.

2 thoughts on “Still more good quotes

  1. These little stories are treasures!!!! Keep up with journalizing them. I did it for a season when our girls were older. As they go back and read them, they bring such joy, laughter, and other memories that spark spononatity of conversations of times and events that bring them such joy!

  2. I DON’T WANT TO BE A PANCAKE! now THAT should be a bumper sticker. btw, it’s mildy disturbing that your child thinks your wife might RUN OFF IN THE NITE. need we be concerned? please advise.

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