Most of my geek friends probably know all about this, I’m mostly posting so NON-geeks can see what a cool thing Google’s doing here.

For a couple years now, Google has run something they call the Summer Of Code. Basically, Google pays students to intern on Open Source projects. So a Project, lets say Firefox, comes up with some cool things they need done and submit them to Google. Then students browse what’s available, see there’s something fun they want to do, and sign up for it. They get paid for summer work, doing something really cool, and the Project gets advanced by someone dedicating time.

The link above lists the projects accepting applications, there are a LOT more than I realized. I think this is brilliant in so many ways.

One thought on “Summer Of Code

  1. Banshee isn’t on there, but I expect they will be soon. They applied. 🙂

    If BZFlag can be on the list, you’d think Banshee should be able to make it.

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