Food portions from restaurants have been growing in size over the last 50 years. I doubt anyone will refute that, and there’ve even been several movies about it. Many people see this as a bad thing, but like everything else in the world, it can be twisted for good. 🙂

One of the week-day breakfast specials at Perkins is the Tremendous Twelve.

Our hearty breakfast of three large eggs cooked to order, four pancakes, crispy hash browns or breakfast potatoes and four bacon strips or sausage links. No accompaniments.

That’s a LOT of food. I could never eat it all at once, and yet, I get it almost every time I go there. Why? Because with two extra plates I can feed both the girls too, and we all get a little of everything. It also splits well with my wife. And it’s GOOD.

When we go to McDonalds, I always get my meal as super sized as I can. My wife on the other hand, always gets only a sandwich, and my kids just either a burger or nuggets. Then we share all the fries around, and my wife and I share the drink.

It seems to work just about everywhere. I like the 12-bone meal from Famous Dave’s, and typically enjoy it for a day or two. So don’t be afraid of large portions, learn to use them. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Super Size Me!

  1. Good advice! My wife and I always split a meal at restaurants. We get a dirty look from the waiters…but it’s worth it on the waist and on the wallet!

  2. That works if you are not a food addict! My wife can split portions at a meal, and save have for later. Me, not so much.

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