More than a year ago, I posted about my "People I Know" sidebox.  At the time I pointed out that it’s wildly out of date, and mis-labelled.  I’d like it to be a list of blogs I read, but that would be WAY too long.  Someone suggested I make the list on another page, and link to it from my sidebox.  But then I’d have one link in a box, eh?  Not too cool.  I thought about making it a "Links" box, and having "People I Know" be a link, but I want to give it more significance than that.

Why have it all you say?  Mostly to give my friends a link for Google to find, and increase their ranking ever so slightly.

So I think I found a good solution.  I’ll make a separate page, ordered alphabetically.  Then in the sidebox, I’ll render 5 random ones from that list, with a link to all.  That’ll make it more interesting on a given visit, and still let me list all of them.

So, keep an eye on "that box".  🙂

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